Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Week So Far...

When I was a little girl, my Dad was an usher at church.  He'd wake up my brother, sister and I early every Sunday morning to go to church.  When I was little, I hated having to be there so early.  And as I grew up I remember being annoyed at having to be at church for all three services in the morning.  Pastor's jokes were funny the first time around.  The second time I'd hear them I'd chuckle a little.  The third time it was like "Yeah, whatever."  Over the years, my Dad and all of us quit attending church.  I could go into the reasons why, but that's not really what I'm posting about now.  In the past few years, my brother began attending church again and so did I.  When I first brought my fiancee he really liked it too, and he joined us.  Dad sometimes comes, too.  Anyway, in this past year I've been getting involved at church.  I'm on the Justice Team which has to do with giving a helping hand for all kinds of things.  Unfortunately, a lot of their events are either on a work day for me or on my weekend to work at the hospital.  Once a month, I help in the Walkers classroom in church.  These tykes are 14-23 months old and can be a lot of fun!  And just recently...I felt led to join the usher team.  Sunday morning I felt so proud to be doing something that my Dad used to do.  It's funny how something that once annoyed me is something that I ended up wanting to do.
Then came Monday.  Labor Day.  I had to work, and it was fine.  The day went by kind of fast despite the fact that it was kind of slow.  All day long I was looking forward to the events once I got off of work.  Mom and Dad were having a barbecue at their house.  There's nothing like coming home from work and not really having to cook.  Don't get me wrong, I love to cook and I do just about every night.  It's just nice to have a break once in a while.
My husband Rich manage the music while we all visited.  Mom and Dad were there as well as my brother, Uncle Curtis, Aunt Lori, my cousin Amanda and her son Brayden, my cousin Jessica and my Uncle Marcus.
This is typical Dillon.  His tongue is always out!
Mom and Dillon blew bubbles for a little bit after he and Brayden had gotten a chance to play in the pool.  If you're ever looking for something cheap and fun to do with little kids - get bubbles.  They love 'em and can be entertained for a while!

Tuesday morning rolled around.  Normally, Dillon is up around 5:30 in the morning just as I'm getting up for work.  But I got up, got myself dressed and had breakfast and realized it was going on 6:30 and Dillon was still sleeping.  So I went and gently woke him.  I stroked his hair and gently rubbed his back.  "'s time to get up now."  He felt warm.  He slowly and groggily sat up and then began to cry.  I brought him out into the living room and took his temperature because he felt so warm.  101.5.  Crap.  If he has a fever, he can't go to daycare.  It was too late to call in sick to work, I was supposed to be there in about an hour.  So I ended up calling his daycare and explained that it was too late for me to call out and told her that I'd give him some Tylenol and if the fever doesn't go down, I can come and pick him up.  9:30 came around at work and I got a call that Dillon seemed to be doing fine.  I was relieved.  I had been hurrying to get my work done in case I had to leave early.  I got another phone call around 11:30.  He was heating back up again and acting lethargic.  I ended up bringing him home to take care of him.

I knew Dillon wasn't really interested in eating.  I even asked him, "Dillon, are you feeling hungry for dinner?"  He gave me an emphatic "Nope!"  However, Rich and I were getting hungry.  I'd planned on making chicken fried steak for dinner.  I've never made it before.  I was also hungry for some roasted potatoes but it's been in the upper 80's here so there was no way I was going to turn on the oven.  So tried pan roasting some, and they turned out awesome!  The chicken fried steak came out really good too, though I was having a hard time getting the coating to stay on there really good.  I was almost disappointed until I tried tasted amazing!
I tried offering Dillon some bites, but he refused.  He did eat a few bites of corn, though.

Here it is Wednesday and Dillon bug is still running a temperature.  He seems to be feeling a little better.  It's just weird, cause he was doing this just over a week ago.  He'd had a fever for like, 3 days.  I took him to the doctor and was told he had a virus.  I wonder if it came back?  Who knows...

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